Do plot flags carry over between modules in SoU?

I’ve been playing NWN1’s SoU xpack on the Switch, and I’ve cleared Chapter 1 and the Interlude, but the clunky interface and occasional crashes are just too much for me to continue. Since I have NWN on GOG, I figured I could just continue on that, but obviously Switch saves won’t transfer over. Since I just finished the interlude, can I just export my character on Switch, start a new game of SoU at chapter 2, and import him? (I have a hacked switch so getting files over is not a problem, and character files can transfer over, just not saves)

My worry is in the title, that there might be some plot flags or something in the save that will make things different in chapter 2, like NPCs who should be alive being dead or something like that.

One last question: should I play on Diamond edition or EE? Thanks!

SoU uses a database.
I don’t know about plot flags, as you can’t return to an earlier chapter anyway. You also can’t kill plot relevant NPCs or prevent plot relevant deaths. But the henchman you had hired at the end of the interlude (if any) will be the (only) one available in chapter 2.
Like the henchmen keep the equipment you gave them in chapter 1 during the interlude.
If you simply export-import or export-copy your character, then start chapter 2, you won’t have any henchman available. Not a problem if you prefer to solo anyway (even though you would miss a lot of fun).
To keep your hench(s), you will want to locate your “Database” folder and copy the files within (those from SoU) to the “Database” folder of the version you intend to play.
I don’t know what version Switch uses and if it is compatible to either good ole Platinum/Diamond/… or EE at all, but you may try. In the worst case, it doesn’t work. As far as I know they didn’t change anything about the content of SoU from Diamond/Platinum/what ever to EE, just enhanced the graphics.