Does Anyone Have Updated Plant Creatures/Topiaries?

I recently got back into building a module for a PW with my brothers, and we were going to make up the monsters to populate a sort of fancy garden themed dungeon, complete with Topiary creatures. We made the end boss from TAD’s amazing Forest Dragon model, but when it came time to make the rest of the spawns for the dungeon, we looked at out creature appearances and all we could find was these very dated looking topiary guardians:

I was wondering if anyone had access to any updated versions of these that look more like they would fit in with TNO style foliage and TAD’s Forest Dragon:

Have you looked at CCC 2013 Feb: Plants?


I took a look at it, but didn’t find any updated Topiary Guardians. Some of the plant creatures might be interesting though!

Perhaps I read it wrong but I got the impression from what you said in your original post that you were looking for plant monsters.


Lesser plant monsters are something we can make work, at least to diversify the dungeon, but the thing we were really hoping for was that someone had an updated version of the topiary creatures.

Thank you for the CCC link though!