Does anyone know where this can be found on the vault?

i was certain the Golem Colossus was a Content challenge submission but i seem to be quire wrong in that regard, or maybe i missed it entirely. does anyone know what this is called, or who made it?

Have you looked through the ccc catalogue? Essential for finding things made for the ccc IMO (but then again I do maintain the catalogue :yum: )


They weren’t part of the CCC

They’re over here, incidentally

I looked at every link that was given on here: of every ccc (that is manually clicking on each one and looking through them all by hand) unless i missed it but i dont think it is a ccc submission.

Ah! yep thats it! thank you! whoever the beep decided to call them colossus needs a swift kick in their butts im never a fan when pw’s rewrite other authors works :roll_eyes:

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Oh boy, those are awesome. Thanks for dragging my attention to them.