Does anyone knows where does the valid ConjSoundOverride value comes from in Spells.2da?

I have been doing some testing with the ConjSoundMale/Female in the spells.2da and i noticed the following:

  • The conjuration voice effect for ConjSoundMale/Female is automatically chosen by the School value and override whatever you have set in those two columns.
  • The values for ConjSoundMale/Female are only used if you left the School value in blank with **** or if you put something random and invalid in ConjSoundOverride like for example just an A.
  • If you set a valid value(IE: hellball, I1,I2,I3,I4,etc) in ConjSoundOverride, the values from ConjSoundMale/Female will be overridden(the voices from the School too) by another voices for ConjSoundMale/Female that are preset in somewhere else.

Knowing all this, i want to know about the third point, where is the ConjSoundOverride getting all the preset voices for ConjSoundMale/Female?