Does anyone remember this Tavern?

I dont have any pics of it unfortunately, but i remember there was a module of a tavern that utilized the listen scripts as you called out to a tavern barmaid and she’d walk up to the player and engage in conversation does anyone know what this was?

Hey Wall3t, I am sorry you can’t find the module. For what purposes do you want it?

A Taxi Service for my automobile update

Was the module just the tavern? If not it’s gonna be a needle in a stack of needlecases.

I presume you want to examine their scripts in detail and not just reconstruct it yourself using

On a sidenote OnPlayerChat really seems like it should be an Area Event, module-wide is hyuuuge ._.

Then you’d need one for every area for global things. It’s pretty easy to ExecuteScript an area specific one if you want to break it up…

it was a demo showcasing for the onlisten script but i can’t recall what it was the old vault made it much easier to find these sort of things so ive had to go and ask if anyone knew. its starting to seem like no one has just yet.

Id rather not just go and create a whole new one, nice try though lol. Im certain its around, and I’m still searching using the advanced search. I see little reason to go and create one, when I know it exists somewhere on the vault.

it was largely a fairly popular mod for its time getting about 200-300 something downloads (the numbers will most likely have changed if it ever migrated to the vault here)