Does "SJ Framework's Core library" Exist?

Going through a number of Sunjammer’s submissions they all mention this. Trouble is I can’t find it here on the vault. So does it actually exist? If so where can I find it? Is it still on RoloVault? Any help appreciated. Thanks.


If that’s what you mean…

Or perhaps not…

Alas not. I already came across that one. Wrong author/creator. I’m specifically looking for Sunjammer’s work. I have one place left to look. If not, it would seem to have vanished into the ether.


IIRC, that’s just the term he used to refer to a basic module with all his script libraries included in it. I don’t recall such a thing ever being uploaded as all his work is, afaik, just include files.

Thanks. From a further deep dive it would appear that I am looking for is sj_core_i.erf. It also appears that it is not on Rolovault. It is not even on Sunjammer’s site (which still amazingly still exists!). So unless someone has a copy I think that is that. It no longer exists. Cest la vie.

One little caution re. that site - it is htttp not https so your browser may complain.


Have you tried searching just that string on the Wayback Machine or Google? He did move on to Dragon Age scripting, which looks like it uses the same nwscript as nwn.

Can’t see it on either. So I think I’ll stop looking. Not having that file doesn’t break anything. It was purely curiosity that made me go looking for it. Thanks anyway.


I don’t recall that ever being released, I vaguely recall looking for it about a decade ago and never finding anything. I’m scouring my HDs, though. I’ll let you know.

Sunjammer is still active on NWVault. You could PM him through there, or even send them an e-mail via NWVault as long as they still allow that under their user preferences.