Does the Henchman functions are applied only to the object that calls it or to the whole server/module?

As the title says, since those function don’t specify a creature, at least the SetMaxHenchmen and GetMaxHenchmen.

I’m asking because i managed to create a bug free and fully tested multi summoning system that emulates all the behaviours of the EffectSummonCreature() effect without the limitation of 1 summon per master and i’m using those Henchmen functions. It’s unlikely that my mod will be used in a server but i’m curious about what i’m asking.


ya might have to be careful though if a Campaign has multiple modules …

eg. If you set max henchmen on one module and transition to another module it might not be the same (unless set the same on both modules)

but then it might be global (across a whole Campaign)  /untested