Doing the zombie walk?

Zombies have a feat/ property on their hides that is a zombie walk. When I put this on a human they walk normally, when I change a zombie’s appearance to human it walks normally in fact when I change a zombie into anything it walks normally.

So does this mean zombies have different skeletons and therefore it’s impossible to make a human do the shuffle without some major reworking ? Or is there some box I can tick somewhere that will allow it to happen and not be zombie specific ?

I’m afraid so… Line 198 in appearance.2da shows that zombies use c_zombie_skel, not p_hh?_skel.
Did you try the “walkinj” animation? I don’t remember what it looks like, but that might be worth a try.

4760… Oh well I guess it’ll just be very slow people then.

What do you mean by try the walkinj animation ? I presume this is injured but how do I put it on someone ? There’s no box in their properties for walk other than speed and in the script globals and functions there’s only the zombie ( special ) one again ?

Do you think zombies realise they’re special ?


Yes, that’s the one.
But you’re right, I don’t see how to make a character use it. Even near death, they can still run! I guess it’s an animation that was supposed to be used when the creature went down a certain percentage of hp, but was never implemented in game…
Not sure how the item property thing would work. I’ll give it a go tomorrow, too late for me now.

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No problem, it’s not urgent. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody injured in NWN2 and I’ve certainly ran off when near death a lot of times !

Me too!
I made a few tests:

  1. I didn’t find any way to create any item with the property “special walk” (supposed to make the creature carrying said item walk like a zombie).
  2. So I created an item which, when equipped, would fire an OnEquip script which adds the item property like this:
    itemproperty ipAdd = ItemPropertySpecialWalk(); IPSafeAddItemProperty(oItem, ipAdd);
    That didn’t work either.
  1. Looking at the nwnwiki, I found that this property is actually supposed to work only when attached to a skin item. That would mean that player characters in NWN2 wouldn’t be given this alternate gait.
    I didn’t test on a non-playable creature though, the goal being to find a way to attach it to a PC.
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4760… I think the items are restricted to what you can add like potions only taking spells.

I don’t know how the walking animations work in NWN2 but have used an animation programme for a cartoon I made so it might be similar. That had all the “bones” separately named and each one had it’s own line in the time line so if you moved that bone at a certain time it made an animation which would affect whatever it’s attached to ( other bones, outline etc. ) but nothing else.

So this could mean that if the zombie has a different skeleton with different named bones in the zombie walk animation unless you change the names of an npc’s bones or the PC they wont move. In which case the zombie walk might be overriding the normal walk and when it finds the bones it’s looking for it does the shuffle otherwise nothing happens and it’s business as usual.

If this is the case it would make adding it to a human PC very difficult unless you renamed all the bones to zombie ones for humans in the override folder for appearance/ skeleton/ whatever it is. Because the zombie walk can be added to an npc skin it just doesn’t work.

It’s all a bit complicated and way above my understanding, I just thought it would be nice to have “normal” looking ( fresh ) zombies coming at you. Not literally, zombies coming at you can never look nice !

Absolutely right, and I kinda hoped that the walk injured animation was the human version of the zombie walk.

This one is easier to achieve: just clone a zombie body mesh (the c_zombie_cl_body??.mdb file) and “unzombify” the diffuse map so it looks fresher :wink:
That way, you’ll get a human with the zombie walk, or a zombie with a human body. By the way, when I wrote “easier”, I meant it would require less work (but not for me, unfortunately… It looks so easy to remove scars, rotting wounds, or on the contrary add tatoos, blood stains etc… but I suppose making a human diffuse texture from a zombie original is probably not as quick as I described it! Why do I suggest to start from the existing texture? Because that would guarantee the UV mapping would still fit).

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4760… Thanks for the info, I’ll have a look at the zombie diffuse map and see what it’s like and what can be done, I’ve only ever painted on faces before. But it’s probably going to finish up with a whole load of slowed down npc’s in robes !