Door Open Direction

Hi All,

Is there a way to “fix” the direction a door opens to be consistent.

At the moment, a door opens away from the PCs, but I would like this one door to open towards the PC to make logical sense - and then away from the other side. i.e. I want the door to only open one way.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

Possibly a door skeleton could be cloned and the door animation duplicated to fill both open slots so it only opens in one direction? Just a guess. Or create a new door model with a single animation using the FBX to MDB converter tool. But you’d need somebody with modelling skills to do that.

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You could try the following. Doors have two animations:

  • doorname_DR_OPEN1.GR2: animation for opening in one direction.
  • doorname_DR_OPEN2.GR2: animation for opening in the other direction.

You could override OPEN2 with a copy of OPEN1 (or the other way around) so, no matter from what side you open the door, it will always play the same animation.

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Hi FreshLook,

That sounds promising. Would it be something that could be applied to a single door … or would all doors be affected? I don’t know about this side of things, so (as rjshae says), it needs to be done by somebody who may know what they are doing.

Is it something you could give more instructions on?

OK, I tried searching for “DR_OPEN1.GR2” but could only find some references, and then to do with doors made by other people and not “official doors”. It may be that they are in a compressed file, but I have not found them yet … If you can give me their location that may help save me some searching. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lance.

It could be applied to a single door or to many doors. Detailed explanation: doortypes.2da contains the definitions of the doors. To know what animation is using a door, look at the column NWN2_Skeleton. If the value of this column is PLC_MC_TDOOR, then the animations used by the door are:


These files are in lod-merged*.zip. So overriding these files would affect all the doors that use them.


Hi FreshLook,

Thank you for your detailed explanation (and pointer to the correct zip file especially) … I will take a look at that when I get past my latest issue. :wink:

Cheers, Lance.