Door visibility nodes?


in my builder notes i have the following :

i’m finally getting around to looking at this, but can’t figure out where to put the DoorVisibilityNode spec in order to see whether this is a real problem or a non-issue. can anyone help ?


In the .set file for the tileset, find the data for the tile model in question. It will be headed [Tile###] where ### is a number. The DoorVisibilityNode directive goes in that section (not in the [TILE###DOOR0] section which immediately follows it).

I don’t think N works any better. I was solving this for Community Patch and I think I workarounded it with one of the deleted nodes, still not perfect solution, but worked better than N. I lost that material recently due to hardrive failure but you can rip it from community patch files if you care.

great ! my thanks to both of you. :slight_smile: