Doors in Medieval Rural 2 Tileset (CEP)

Hi All - I’m using the Medieval Rural 2 Tileset with CEP 2.65, and can’t place any doors. Buildings (e.g.Groups->Grass->Farm1) appear without a visible door(though the door shows in the left-hand pane), and if I click on it in the left-hand pane and choose Properties, I get ‘the selected model does not exist’ and can’t select a different model for it.

If I delete the invisible door and try to place a standard door there, exactly the same thing happens.

Is this a known issue, a new one, or my own incompetence? :slight_smile:


You probably need to merge the new doortypes.2da and/or genericdoors.2da. CEP will have versions of those files that don’t have the new entries for the new content. Take the cep versions and add the new entries from the EE ones and put them in your top hak (creating a new top hak if you don’t yet have one).

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@kalbaern made some merged 2das which combine the CEP2 and EE content. An essential starting point for anyone using both.

Caveat - I haven’t fully tested Medieval Rural 2 yet.

Medieval City 2 has a quirk - doors are painted in some building terrain tiles (which are not features or groups). When painting terrain, you frequently have to confirm deletion of said doors (as nearby tiles force changes on tiles already placed). When complete, there are orphaned doors which have to be deleted manually. However, this occurs in vanilla EE, too, so it must be an EE bug.

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Thanks both, much appreciated. Using the ‘top hak’ from @kalbaern solved the problem with doors in Medieval Rural 2 (and probably future problems I hadn’t yet encountered!)