Doors with line-of-sight

i’m trying to puzzle out how to make doors block [or not block] line-of-sight. i’ve started with a standard bioware door that, i believed, shouldn’t block line-of-sight. it’s the portcullis bridge door in the crypt tileset.

i thought line-of-sight was controlled by the door’s BlockSight entry in doortypes.2da, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. i was surprised to find out that my test door actually does block line of sight. does the model itself or the .dwk also play a role ?

i back-referenced the door to template nw_door_ttr_06.utd and further to the model tdc_udoor_07.mdl. it appears as TILE110DOOR0 in the .set file, which is a tileset-specific door whose index is 32. however, the entry for door 32 in doortypes.2da already has BlockSight set to 0…

has anyone here had experience designing doors, or could help shed some light on this ?


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nobody knowwws… O_O

okay, i’ll try posting over in the scripting forum. :slight_smile: