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First, the purpose of initiative rolls is a simple concept in pen-and-paper D&D, but it gets changed significantly in a real-time game like NWN2. I read up on the Wiki, and I wanna make sure, do melee combatants actually wait once their round ends until it’s their turn? If so, is it against the people that are engaging with them in melee or anyone engaging in melee in the whole encounter?

Second question is about BAB progression. I looked at the table in the Wiki for the umpteenth time, and I see a line that states the following:

  • a character with only a single class, with this BAB progression, gains an additional attack at this point.

Am I crazy, or am I reading the table correctly and a pure Lvl.30 Fighter (for example) is capable of 11 attacks in 1 round?

The fighter (or any class with full BAB progression) gets 1 attack at every +5 interval from 1 so:

level 1: 1 attack
level 6: 2 attacks
level 11: 3
Level 16: 4
Level 21: 5
Level 26: 6
Level 31: 7

and so on… this does not count extra modifiers from Haste, Frenzy, ecc… just the base number of attacks per round.

I don’t know if there’s an actual cap to the number of attacks per round, I remember that NWN1 (following 3.0 rules) capped it at 4 base attacks per round (not counting haste or any additional modifier), but I’m pretty sure that NWN2 goes well beyond that.

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Edit: I forgot to make it a reply, dammit. @Clangeddin

Since I’m putting text now, I’m gonna ask, does the asterisk mean a pure class gets ANOTHER attack, thereby giving 11 attacks by the time the character gets to purple, or am I just a moron and it just means exactly the same thing the color change does?

That seems confusing, you only need to look at your total BAB and comparing it with the table that is in the NWN2 Wiki or the simplified version that i put here below:

0-5: 1 attack per round
6-10: 2 attacks per round
11-15: 3 attacks per round
16-20: 4 attacks per round
21-25: 5 attacks per round
26+: 6 attacks per round

By BAB, you can only get up to 6 attacks per round(not counting Haste and other modfiers that increases attacks per round).

For Initiative, reads this article from the NWN2 wiki which describe more in detail on how it works in NWN.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought, until I saw:

A - the asterisk that said “a character with a single class”, which implied to me they’d get yet ANOTHER attack if they’ve only 1 class, for instance a pure Fighter

And B - the concept of flurries (not Flurry Of Blows) allowing up to 12 attacks per round, a limit that can still be exceeded under special conditions.

I believe I already said I read up on it on the Wiki.

A - the asterisk that said “a character with a single class”, which implied to me they’d get yet ANOTHER attack if they’ve only 1 class, for instance a pure Fighter

Ignore that completely, what determines how much attacks you can do is your total BAB(normal attacks), not your BAB progression per class. This article regarding the BAB describes it perfectly. That example is using a full BAB progression because the classes that use that can increase their attacks per round faster(Fighter for example).

You can make up to 6 attacks per round when taking in count BAB only, you can make more attacks if you are using other methods to increase attacks per round.

Flurry is a time unit, it doesn’t have to do anything on how much attacks per round you can do. Flurry is essentially when you character does the swing animation or slashing particle(AoO, Cleave, etc), Flurry 1 would be like the beginning of the combat round, Flurry 2 the middle of the combat round and Flurry 3 the end, your attacks per round are split evenly between this 3 flurries.

The maximum number of attacks normally available per flurry by a single character is 4, which can translate up to 12 attacks per round.

  • If you are wielding a single weapon, if your BAB is 26+, you can do up to 6 attacks per round which would be splited in 2 attacks per flurry.
  • If you are dual-wielding and have the feat “Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting”, if your BAB is 26+, you can do up to 12 attacks per round which would be splited in 4 attacks per flurry. This last point is to what is referring that part that you are mentioning regarding the 12 attacks per round.

So the asterisk just exists to confuse me, got it, thanks.

I’d probably be embarrassed if this wasn’t something I’m used to.

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