Double Question

Hi! I’ve been an on and off Vault goer for some time, and after reinstalling NWN2 for the first time in quite a while, I find myself needing to request help with some mods this time around

1.) I really want to reskin or change Neeshka’s face. She’s always been my favorite, but the way she was designed… yeesh! Her hair, above all. It’s like she’s constantly blowing a pandemonium-powered hair-drier into her face before she talks! :wink: I’ve never found a mod that made the situation any easier. So, it occurred to me to that changing her head with another creature might work, such as the succubi, their queen, or the erinyes and the same.

2.) Okay, this one is killing me; the second picture on this mod:

mod ’

shows a kick-butt sword. Try as I might, I can’t find the mod that actually has that design. Does anyone recognize it?

  1. There are mods that already changes Neeshka’s face:

  2. That is a NWN1 Hak.

Thanks for the reply! : )

1.) Yeah, as I noted, the mods out there don’t really do what I’m looking for. Neeshka get a better version of her head, but the entire look of the head in general is what I’m trying to avoid.

2.) Ouch! Okay, that makes sense. Really wish I could find a similar NWN2 mod out there.

Then with Neeshka you could change the head and hair of the Tiefling Models matching Neeshka (0 Hair and 1 head) and then put them in the override with the textures. That should do what you wanted to do.

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That sounds good. I’ll go to work and see if I can accomplish it! Thanks for your help!

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