Downgrade NWN

Has anyone managed to downgrade the GOG version of NWN back to 1.29? I wanted to try some pre-SoU/HotU modules but have misplaced my CD version long ago…

I don’t think that’s possible. Amongst other things, 1.29 won’t run on Win10 onwards.

Good news is that 1.69 is backward-compatible. Every community module made before SoU/HotU should still work.

The same is usually true of EE, too. If you encountered a specific problem with EE, someone here could probably help, as any glitches tend to be minor.

I thought I remembered there were some specific issues with playing pre-SoU-modules on 1.69 regarding certain spells and / or teleportation. I can’t seem to be able to find anything about it anymore though, I guess I read it somewhere on the old vault.

I know of one module that is said to have issues with the expansions, but it’s a German-language only module.

mmat wrote that part 1 of the module crashes when the PC has items that were introduced with the expansions, unless you delete the basicitems.2da from the module’s hakpak (but I guess you could just play with a fresh character?). In part 2 though, it seems that several scripts are not working as intended because they were changes in HotU. The authors themselves mentioned the module being bugged now because of that as well (in German) and advised against playing it with HotU installed. Personally, I can’t judge what the problems are though, and this is the only case I’ve seen myself.

Does that mod use CEP 1.x?

Sorry, was that question related to the OP or my post?

In the latter case, no. No CEP, just a custom hak. And now I notice, the “Requirements” on the Vault page are probably wrong, seeing that the authors explicitly recommended playing without HotU installed, so “Xp2” is NOT required but actually advised against in combination with the module.

Nope, it has it’s own hak.