Download Counts Broken

Seems that several download counts are broken for various project spread across the site. My project page is broken ( Miscellaneous NWN EE Asset Fixes | The Neverwinter Vault) as it should have at least one download count as I downloaded it myself to make sure the file wasn’t corrupt.

Also, I go by the nic LoreWeaver_1969, yet the Vault wouldn’t allow me to use that as a username saying its “not allowed.” Seems a little over the top to forbid any number combination that includes the number 69.

There’s nothing wrong with 69, but a lot wrong with the download counts. It doesn’t seem to be an easy fix though and the only one who could probably fix it is Niv. I think we all rather want him to concentrate on his NWN work than fixing the download counts.

While the download counts look broken on the project page, there is an alternative source of this information. On the non-forum pages there is a link at the top of every page - ‘My account’. Click that and you will goto information about your account. At the top of that page there is another link ‘Download counts’ which will take you to yet another page but this one lists the overall number of downloads for each downloadable file on every one of your projects. AFAICT you will be the only person that can see these in normal usage. I looked at both my own and yours and the ‘Download counts’ link only appeared on mine for me.



The download counter plugin has always been very finicky. :frowning: I haven’t touched it in forever but sometimes it gets confused about which file id it associates. Maybe its time to look into an alternative …


@niv, if you do, can you give me heads up on the details so I can start changing NIT (or a mechanism to access the database so I can avoid web page scraping).

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