Dragon Disciples & Warlock

Hi everyone,

I downloaded the Grimoire here made by Syrus. I did so because it has the different dragon disciples and the warlock. Has anyone here got a working version of these? I really would like to incorporate these into my module. I put them in. I get all the descriptions. I did the 2das right…the tlk file entries, but I can’t seem to get the different breath weapons to do damage. It allows me to at least do the various breath weapon animations but with no damage. I can’t seem to also get the Str, Const, AC+1 increments, and the Int bonuses to work, but I do get the immunities (Acid, electricity, etc), sleep, paralysis, and darkvision. The Warlock is just a mess (sigh) none of the feats work even in his module sample.

Has anyone got successful versions of these working in their PW’s? If so would it be too much to ask if you can upload it to the vault as a small PRC package…pllleeassee…lol

I found the Red Dragon Disciple cls_stat_dradis.2da

I can’t seem to find what other 2da points to this 2da to grab this info from. I am trying to get the bonuses for my other Dragon Disciples to have the same bonuses as the Red Dragon. Where the hades does this 2da get its info pulled from? No reference to it on other 2das.

This is all I can find on this 2da…useless info.


I made a 2da I called “cls_feat_blkddis” for a Black Dragon Disciple (using the same standard ending “blkddiss” I have created on my other 2das hoping by chance it would pull these stats from it…but nope. You would think it would be on the classes 2da where it calls on other stuff like the ClS_FEATS, SKILLS, etc…but nope