Dragonlance Anyone?

So I briefly mentioned this in the discord channel the other week and from the short discussion I got the feeling it didn’t really appeal to many. I’m trying to connect with the community and wondering if there are any other Dragonlance addicts or collectors out there?

I have a yearly routine of books I read through of which around 80% of those are Dragonlance based novels and D&D material. I have a storage tub of treasures I adore and worship. :blush:

Bought this about 9yrs ago at around £72 and was dumb struck last year when I saw it’s value now!
I would say a good investment given I have it still sealed.

This book is starting to show it’s age being about 30yrs old.


I’m a fan. Actually ran a DL persistent world for quite a number of years.

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Let me guess, Tasslehoff “borrowed” it :laughing:

So, any favourite characters? Without sound presumptuous, please don’t say Raistlin :roll_eyes:

I for one love Gilthanas and Silvara / D’Argent. They eventually make a good couple but a lot of complexities along the way. I love the interactions between Fistandantilus and Raistlin as well in Legends.

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Always was a fan of Tas & Fizban. And while Laurana did wear on me often, I did enjoy her and Sturm together.

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Funny enough im reading Dragon’s of Spring Dawning.

She relied on Strums strength and wisdom a great deal when being appointed the golden general and his death affected her more than she was willing to admit at first. She grew a lot in that part of the book.

The Flint and Tass scenes were legendary :joy:


Currently, I’m reading the Legends trilogy. I finished Dragons of Summer Flame a month ago.
The Kingpriest Trilogy is my favorite by far.

I ran a custom Dragonlance campaign using 3.5. The 3.5 source material was fantastic and is good to just read (with an exception or two). The War of The Lance adventures were done extremely well and less railroady. I did find all of the PrC’s to be unnecessary and untidy.

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I have Summer Flame, brought it about 10ys ago and I still haven’t read it :roll_eyes:
I don’t want it to end even though I know it doesn’t.

The War of the Lance is definitely my favourite setting, In the 90’s I was a player and a DM in a 2nd ed campaign.
So many memories. The good and difficult times.
The moments that actually put a lump in your throat and force you to take time out.
I actually remember going through a period of grieving for my character when he passed.

Attachment to NPC’s, characters but more importantly the players themselves… damn nostalgia is a savage beast. :thinking:


I also love DragonLance! I got quiet a few books (my Chronicles1 dates back to Nov. 1984), the game book, the atlas and some modules!
I also run/ran a NWN1 server. But sadly it’s down ATM, because I don’t have any means to host it right now.

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It doesn’t seem like there are any dragonlance based servers still active on either 1.69 or EE. Is that true?

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Have have this habit of buying duplicates where I can. One to use and one to keep.
I bought my two about 20yrs ago and are safely packed away but I was able to find this image of the box and contents.

I will never forget how my jaw dropped upon seeing these in stock at the time and at £19.95 each I snapped them both up.

I still enjoy playing the old DOS games, Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn and The Dark Queen of Krynn. Hours of fun even though I keep dying lol.

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I loved DragonLance back in its day. I am such a dork I even have the Atlas and the art books in a box somewhere still.

My favorite character is probably Tas, though many have their high points.

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My favorite interactions were between Tasslehof and Flint. I was really upset when they killed off Flint. I also was surprised with Raistlin’s interactions with Bupu. This was really the only time he showed his humanity. My favorite book was Flint the King though.

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@MidsummerKnight : Sorry for my slow reply.
AFAIK, DLCR was the last DL-server up. I hosted it via StilleVande, but StlleVande stopped hosting NWN-servers. So ATM I have no solution to host and I have not seen any other DL server.

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That’s too bad. Maybe it’s time to bring one back.

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I’d love to get DLCR back up. Hopefully I’ll find a solution in the near future.

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Hello Dragonlancers! After some hassle, I managed to get the Dragonlance server DLCR back up again. It’s now EE:
Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn - The Next Generation EE (in short: DLCR)

Forum: https://dlcr.forumotion.net/
Server name: Dragonlance EE - Next Gen.
Module Name: Dragonlance - NG (V3.x EE)

Due to my technical limitations here at my home, I can’t make use of NWsync. Thus you still have to MANUALLY download the needed HAKs. If you have played DLCR before, you should be good to go for now. But in short I plan to add a HAK, which is to be filled with EE-features.
HAKs download:

Regarding hosting:
My internet connection is not the best and I have a non static IP. But thanks to Beamdogs rework, the server will show on the NWN1:EE Multiplayer Server List and also on the list viewable via a browser (https://nwn.beamdog.net/).

If connection fails on the first try, go and give it another one. It always worked for me when I made my test runs.

With my IP changing, you’ll find, that some entries under the History-tab will be grayed out. But the working connection can be found (again) under the default Internet-tab.

I can’t host 24/7 but I’ll try to get it up on weekends and on demand.

Server staff:
It’s a RP server, but ATM, there is no DM present. They lay down their DM-ship due to RL business. Winterhawk (from CTP) put in some single player quests and there is much to explore and discover. Also if you want to play with some friends and DM them, you’re welcome to do so. ATM I’m pretty open to that - as long as you behave yourself as a DM… ;-). So don’t hesitate to contact me via the DLCR-forum or the Neverwintervault.

Remember: The module has just been ported over to EE and I’m not sure, if everything is working as before! If you find any issues, please contact me.


I am definitely a Dragonlance junkie. I have all of the Dragonlance books (Chronicles, Twins, Tales, Meeting, etc) on a shelf next to me. I’ve re-read Chronicles and Twins, probably the most. I used to run a Dragonlaced RPG game way, way, way back when it first came out for about two years. Still have the main book for that - I have a few of the original modules (beat up pretty badly), then bought the “Celebration” versions (where each one had 4 modules per book), then the Silver Edition. Also have the Time of the Dragon and the modules that came out around that time (New Beginings, Wild Elves, etc). So yeah. The needle of Dragonlance is deep in my veins.

I even made an “Easter Egg” to one of my NeverendingNights episodes (in Episode 22) - referencing “Dragonlance” - see the Easter Egg for Episode 22 here:


Just a heads up, the Dragonlance Chronicles Persistent World is up and running and going through a MAJOR overhaul, to celebrate the enhancements brought by Beamdog’s recent updates for NWN and as a celebration of the new novels coming out this summer!

Quick plug: The mission is to breathe new life and re-introduce personality into the continent of Ansalon… what all Dragonlance fans have been deserving for so long. Thanks to the evolution of tools and a social media today this task is made much easier. In other words, if you are a fan of Dragonlance now is the time to check us out.

We are dedicated to a July 1st Official Launch Date and will post regular progress updates. Check here to be a part of it all: https://discord.gg/GhTPHpkybm.

We are running RP events on the Discord channel, and are looking for more DMs to help corral the great flux of new members that have signed up the past few weeks with this announcement. The legacy server mentioned above by Black Rider is still in operation and will last until the “enhanced” server launches this July 1st. We are also looking for testers.

For more details, check https://nwndragonlance.enjin.com/ and thanks for your support!

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Just a heads up that we are currently hosting an open house for the new server, May 1st 0900 to 1900 EST. See links above for details, or check the Twitch stream https://www.twitch.tv/dementia5 .

You might want to consider making a new topic for advertising game servers and such.