Dropable Flag not Working on This Scenario

Okay I have a custom item which acts as a key and is created on 1 of 4 npcs randomly when a pc enters a trigger. That all works fine. Now, you can toggle pick pocket the item from the npc (works fine). You can apply an effect(death) to the npc thru a conversation and the item will drop. However, if forced to kill the npc thru combat, the custom item won’t drop. Npc corpse fades away and no drop. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Okay I think I figured out the problem. I created the custom item under miscellaneous medium palette which made it a stackable item? I just went ahead and created the same item under a different palette and it all works fine now. I am curious as to why the custom item under misc. med. didn’t work if anyone knows. Thanks!

Just checking. On the item’s properties under properties there is a checkbox marked “Undroppable”. That needs to be unchecked. You could also try looking at the NPC’s properties. On the advanced tab there is a checkbox marked “Leaves Lootable Corpse”. Checking that should mean that the PC can search the corpse after the death of the NPC and get the key that way.


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