Druid/Mage Pet Rebalance

I am currently editing companions and familiars and looks like attacks with 2dice-damage (for example bear with bite attack 2d8 on 1 lvl) in fact is 2d16. 3dice-damage (3d12 on 35 lvl) is 3d36 etc.
It doesnt fit into damage progression (bear has almost twice damage on 35 lvl then on 40 lvl), so i guess its a bug.

This patch doesnt fix the problem and no one mentioned it on wiki or forum, so maybe I dont understand something?

how did you come up to those numbers? Bear has 1d8 1d8 and 2d8 attacks at 1st level. The damage from attacks doesn’t stack because game selects one of the creature weapons randomly before each attack.

Also bear bite and claw at lvl 35 deal less damage than from lvl 40 version.

Though, I checked this in community patch with not just above fix applied…

1st lvl bite attack (third one) named “2d8 Bite”.

On wiki bear also has 2d8 damage.

But in game he has 2d16, which you can see by yourself.

I have 1.71 patch and CEP, but it happens even in original 1.69 game.

Edit: O my god, I worked with this for 2 days and didnt see that everything is alright. 2d8 is 2-16, 3d12 is 3-36 etc.
Sorry for unnecessary thread.

and 2d20 is 4-40 so lvl 40 bear does more damage than lvl 35 (and has +5 enhancement on top of that where 35lvl has +4)

btw do you use this for editing ?


Thanks for the link, i’ll try that.
I am using GFF editor for .utc blueprint creature files, NWN Explorer for extracting.
Here is the example of that i am doing https://hkar.ru/UXv7

Do you follow 3.5 DnD ruleset? Even if not, this seems like something I would like to use…

I didnt even read ruleset. just trying to make every familiar and companion viable and usefull on every level. I am not a hardcore DnD fan, just regular person.
I spent last 2 days for bear, hawk and spider, there are 6 more companions and 10 familiars (decided to exclude panther).
If everything goes according to plan, I hope that I will finish in a month or less.

I guess I will make a thread about it, if you are interested.

Keep us updated, please! It looks promising. I’m still trying to figure out a well balanced systems for (not necessarily based on DnD rules): companions, summons, polymorph.

Almost finished rebalancing familiars and companions. This is not a final version, but still.
Original NWN was just horrible - Fairy Dragon with Brown Bear strength (17), no skill progression for animal pets. No Mind Immunity for Fairy and Pseudo Dragon, unlike other familiars.
Sadly, creative process of designing new builds is over and now starts the most boring and difficult part - creation of 760 new creature blueprints.