Druids keep crashing server

I have experienced server crashes when druids have a summons out and their familiar out and then posses their familiar . Has anyone seen this happen before, and if so is their a solution .

Only mages and sorcerers can possess their familiars. Druids can’t possess their animal companions. The server probably SHOULD crash if they tried, since they’re not even supposed to have the possess familiar icon.

Other than that I have no idea, but my intuition says ‘creature skins’.

Ah sorry yeah he was a druid wiz build forgot to put that up . He might have tried to possess his familiar while in some druid form I will have to ask him when I see him next .

Well now I have another issue with summons and familiars . A player has a character that is a ranger and he has a item that lets him summon a Dragon knight and he then summons his Rangers companion . Well when he rests the server crashes . Is there a way to prevent this or do I need to remove the item from the server that summons the Dragon Knight.