Dumb Question with the KOTOR heads HAK

I downloaded the KOTOR heads builders file but which file do all the new human male / female/ halfling heads go? The pmh0_head220.mdl and so forth?

Builders normally put model files into a hak file (using the nwhak utility in the utils folder), then add that hak to their module (Module Properties > Custom Content tab).

If you just want to try them out temporarily, you can put them in your override folder. However, a module shouldn’t be distributed to players that way, because it can cause conflicts.

IIRC the head numbers in model file names (…headYXZ.mdl) also need to start off where vanilla head numbers end or otherwise the in-game character creator won’t show them. There is no need to alter the file contents, just file names.

Thank you Pro and NWShacker. Okay, So I should convert these files into a hak file? Somewhat like custom music? Or is the conversion done differently? And thank you both for your responses.

Regarding the vanilla head appearance with CEP it’s something like 000 to 123? (guess-timating) Do I need to rename or how do I re-number the models? Also, with the kotor hak uploaded into the demo mod, I do see some of those head choices when creating an npc. Is that hak. maybe thats enough? Just trying to learn and thanks in advance for your guy’s patience.

Making a hak is a standard process, regardless of the content, so go ahead as before. There’s no 2da file for heads, so just load them into your hak. As always, if two haks contain heads with the same number, the hak which is higher in your module list prevails.

If you only want to use the heads for NPCs, that’s all you need to do.

@NWShacker is referring to an issue with using heads for PCs in character creation, which doesn’t affect NPCs.

If you do need to renumber heads (to avoid conflict with another hak, for example) I would use the Model Renamer utility on the .mdl file, then rename the .plt file manually. The Renamer corrects the internal model references as well as the file name. As a general rule, you need to do that for a model to work correctly. Perhaps, as @NWShacker suggests, it doesn’t matter for heads (I don’t know), but it’s best practice.

IIRC the Kotor pack has a version compatible with CEP, but it might not be quite up-to-date.

When renaming, it should be safe to not alter the internals of any model if such model is not a supermodel (read: nothing extends it further), like a head. But I’d recommend this procedure only for “dirty override testing”. Doing so for production grade content will probably lead to misunderstandings and eventually to errors.