Dungeon Designer for PW (Help Wanted)

Hello Vaulters,

I thought I would put a line out to see if anyone would be interested in developing dungeon-spaces for an up-and-coming PW called The Rhine!

The Rhine is set in 306 AD in the late Roman Empire, and makes use of according mythological elements. The genre is “Historical Fantasy,” so we start with historical and heap some fantasy on top of that. The main need for this server now is to see the creation of several dungeons and similar content.

What you will be doing:
Very simply, you will be making dungeons!

Support you will receive:
All tileset, placeable, and creature integration and scripting is handled by me (Pliny). So, you get to focus on making cool dungeon-spaces and watching them be brought to life.

For information about this project and relevant links, please see The Rhine’s homepage. https://rhinenwn.com/

You don’t mention which version of NwN this will be for - 1.69/Diamond or EE. This is important because it affects the texture assets of the game. EE can have up to 6 images for one texture.


Hey TR, I put it under NWN:EE category, which I thought would be enough.


Anyway, it’s for EE. :slight_smile:

Not when you are getting bleary eyed from the short heatwave we are currently experiencing in the UK :sweat_smile: