Duplicate file checker

Can anybody recommend a duplicate file checker. I’m having a problem that seems to cause model disfigurement in game. I think it is because of a duplicate file. I just can’t seem to find it. Also can files from one module effect another module? Before anybody asks my override folder is empty.

Could you post screenshots and describe the setup thoroughly, in case it’s something known or recognizable?

Files in one module hak should not be able to affect another module - unless the other module is also making use of that hak. If you’ve altered an existing hak rather than set up your own, it’s possible. :thinking:

I’ve no duplicate file checker recommendations, though, that aside. :x I’d just extract all the hak contents and use the default search.

toolset vanilla feature check for conflicts in module properties - custom content should find this

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This is what happens when I’m not paying close enough attention folks. I changed this to NWN 2. Sorry Shadooow and TB. I have never had this kind of problem with NWN 1. Is it maybe some thing in the Atari folder not my Documents folder. Thank you for responding both of you.

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I have generally used the Auslogic Duplicate File Checker, It’s freeware.


Thanks Kamal I will get that.