Edge Tiles

Regarding edge tiles, why is it necessary to make special tiles in every case?

For example, sometimes an existing tile that has no lights or animations seems to work perfectly as an edge tile.

Everything I’ve read says not to do this - for example, Tonden’s tileset tutorial says (about edge tiles)

but can anyone help me understand why?

Of course, I understand that a purpose-made edge tile should not be in the .set file, otherwise it would be a candidate for random tile selection in the toolset.

The question is the other way round - what harm arises if a regular tile is used as an edge tile?

I am not aware of such restriction. As long as the tile has no lights and no animations it can be used as edge without problem. But why is this regular tile missing light nodes? All regular tiles should have it I believe so with that assumption perhaps Tonden’s quote is so you never run into the lights crashing issue?

crashing on entry to the area

EDIT: I might have made a new discovery regarding to edge tiles, it is a coincidence but I started polishing and fixing some tilesets yesterday and edge tiles were the most affected. I don’t have confirmation yet though, so won’t claim anything just yet but there might be good reason for what Tonden wrote.

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That would be the reason…

… and on further examination I find there are light nodes in the tile after all.

Thanks - good to understand why this is so important.

Is there Any readme or help file to understand how ****edge.2da works?

I’m using one of toro’s rural expansions, and when using a doble height cliff against área límites some weird things happens, but only when facing certain directions.

I think the tileset has all the necessary tiles but it just fail to asign them when its not on the eastern edge of the área.

Later on I’ll upload an image.

Game will get left edge, middle and right edge of the tile used related to that direction from SET file. And then checks into edge file for match.

I am usually fixing these by notepad and running test module to see if it worked or not. So I would recommend that if no tile is created then, you add new line into edge file with different values such as grass+ or grass++ (I am not 100% sure this is allowed) and different Height value and see if it works. Even if it works the result will most likely not match and you will have to make a new edge tile, but just copying normal tile and removing lights and animations works.

But the edge tile is created. The issue is that whenever it is not on the eastern edge of the area it gets rotated by 180°

I might be wrong here as I don’t have the files and I am just guessing, but my guess is that there are two lines in edge file that both refer to same edge model, but one line needs to have different model rotated by 180°.

Thanks I’ll look into it.

Not conclusive, unfortunately removing walkmesh didn’t fix the crashing on linux in one tileset I use on my PW, but I suppose it is a good idea to not have walkmesh in the edge model either. I had it in one tileset and it wasn’t crashing but if anything it really isn’t needed and might speed up things. Btw, wok files for edge only models are ignored completely, I am not putting them into hak at all.

That’s right, the edge files don’t have to have the wok file and lights imposed.
They can be copies of an existing file but they must necessarily be renamed and if I remember correctly they must be rotated 180 ° to be positioned correctly.

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Late answer, but the tileset page in the wiki explains most:

However there are two details missing:

If a corner terrain is raised, you add a “+” to the terrain name in the appropriate corner column
The height colum says, on which height the edge tile should appear.


         grass **** grass 0 edgetile 

is flat on the ground.

         grass+ **** grass+ 1 edgetile 

Both corners are raised, so the very same edgetile needs to appear at height 1.

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