Editing a git file

Good morrow one and all,

Please pardon an old man’s ignorance, but I had a small question. In an old post in the CMP, Proleric mentioned “To use these tracks as battle music, edit the area .git file. Change the field MusicBattle to the required line number in ambientmusic.2da.” While I understand all of that, one part left me a bit puzzled. What program or utility is there for editing a git file? It doesn’t look as if Notepad can do the job.


There’re also other tools like GFFEditor, but this one is the most reliable. I don’t recommend to use the others, as they might result in your gff files saved incorrectly (GFFEditor, for example, automatically cuts down strings in the fields if they are longer than a certain length, it often happens with long script names stored in some gff files).