Editing a journal entry

Has anyone found out a way to edit a journal entry with a script? I tried using custom tokens, but they don’t work :-/

Nevermind - they totally work :stuck_out_tongue: It’s FINE! Everythings fine!


Though I do have one issue: using custom tokens screws up the journal update notification. It says: "Your journal has been updated: ". The quest title is blank, even though it works perfectly fine in the journal screen itself. It’s blank for both the notice screen text and the chatbox note.
Any workaround?

I noticed out that using SetNoticeText() overrides the default notice screen triggered by a journal updatem so guess that takes care of that, but I have no idea how to edit that chatbox notification…

I think you’re probably cutting new ground here.

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Yeah - what else is new :stuck_out_tongue: This is usually when kev’L comes in and says “I kinda have an idea” and then it works XD


lol no idea…

uhm, SendMessageToPC()

Yeah that’s what I thought too but it’s a clearly a seperate message in the chat box :stuck_out_tongue: Guess it’d have to do for now

… that’s why we need to keep pumping XOReos

stuff like this could be straightened out in a jiffy

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