Editing normal maps?

Editing the alpha channel of the normal map for p_hhf_nk_body02_n, by replacing the dark blotchy alpha with an even grey one, greatly improved the cleanliness of the body in cut scenes, and on the level-up screen.
However when I tried to do the same with p-hhf_cl_body156_n (which uses the same naked body)

It showed improvement in the level_up screen.

But this is what it looks like in game.

What did I do wrong?
Edit: Turns out that the normal map edit wasn’t the problem, as reverting to the old normal didn’t make the extra black dress disappear.
But I had also changed the specular values in the mdb, and reverting back to the old p_hhf_cl_body156.mdb fixed the problem.
I have to learn not to make multiple changes before testing in game.

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