EE backward compatibility - models

Quite a few crashes are being reported in the new EE Development Release 8189.

Some, at least, are being attributed to faulty custom models.

It’s early days, but some of the comments from Beamdog seem to suggest no commitment to making the old models work, for example

Now, I have some sympathy with this. We saw a few examples with tilesets in the early days, which had some seriously incomprehensible scribble in the (uncompiled) models, perhaps due to a bug in the modelling tools. The wonder was that 1.69 worked at all. The resolution in that case was community fixes, which was viable because the problems were few and far between.

However, early indications are that the problems in 8189 might affect multiple models in popular packages like CEP.

For example, my Dark Energy module has three unplayable areas in 8189, which work in Retail (8186). Determining whether it’s a model problem, and, if so, identifying the models, is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have found one case so far where compiling a model seems to make the area less likely to crash, but crashes are still occuring, so that’s inconclusive.

If it turns out that 8189 is really intolerant of older models, the response “Not An Issue” might not wash. If many modules are affected, the general intention to remain compatible is seriously compromised.

This is just a “heads up” for discussion at this stage.