[EE - BUG?] Open/Close Animation on Chests Not Working

I’m working on a 2x3 bunkhouse area that requires the placement of 12 chests.

I began by using placeables - 11 set to static, 1 set to useable. The chests are all the same. If I have only one chest in the area, the open/close animation works fine. Anymore than that and the lid doesn’t open/close.

I have since been able to work around this by making the 11 static chests tile features - they are now part of the tile models. This left me with one placeable. I renamed all the mesh nodes so that they are different from the placeable model’s nodes. The open/close animation for the single useable chest works as it should.

What I noticed before doing my workaround was that the halo around the chest - the glow that surrounds useable objects ingame - appears to be moving with the animation. However, the actual lid mesh doesn’t move.

I am using Dev Build 8192. Any number of chests all worked fine in v1.69. Anyone notice anything similar? The tileset is a slightly modified City Interior 2.

For what it’s worth, I tested my module end-to-end in 8192 with no chest animation issues.

Hmmm. Maybe a GPU/CPU issue? My system is AMD? @Proleric are you using an Intel/Nvidia setup?

EDIT - Scratch that. This morning its working fine. Seems my computer had a Windows update stuck in the buffer that required a reboot to finish installing. It’d be nice if Windows reliably sent you a message saying when it needs to reboot for updates.

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