[EE - bug or mod conflict?] Models randomly become semi-transparent

Every so often, random models will become partially transparent, and eventually snap back to being non-transparent. I can’t pinpoint a cause for this, but it’s bizarre and quite annoying.

Here are some screenshots of the glitch in question.

As far as I know it’s related to field of vision. If the game interprets there is an obstacle between you and the model, it will turn transparent. It happens mostly when there are custom objects between you, like tables or chairs, but some (faulty?) tilesets also do this on occasions, which I guess has to do with invisible non-walk areas.

That’s very odd, since this has been happening in interiors and exteriors, even with NPCs that are right in front of me.

Is there a way to turn the “make NPCs obscured by obstacles turn transparent” effect off? That would be an easy way to tell if that was the problem.

A little debugging may be needed. Are you using overrides? Which ones? Hak packs? Patch Haks? Have you tried using different characters? Does the problem persist?

This does not look like lack-of-vision-transparency. But no never seen this, possibly a graphic card/driver issue.

Thanks for the advice that this wasn’t a known game issue; I was able to narrow it down to a mod. The file causing this problem is visualeffects.2da from this mod: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/other/visual-effect/remove-annoying-effects-nwn1

This issue occurred on the Switch version of EE.