EE Development Release 87.8193.35-36

Just so we’re clear here…basically, if it isn’t in the patch notes, then it doesn’t belong in this thread?

As far as I am concerned, yes. This is so we get a patch that works without breaking anything and one that works for everyone. Suggested tweaks (like the one I suggested earlier in this thread) are fine but anything that isn’t in the patch notes distract from getting a successful patch.

FWIW, I really was serious about that new thread that I suggested. That way we also find out what is still broken even after this patch.


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Agree 100%. However, folks posting here should be aware that the real discussion about the 35 patch is occurring on Discord, decreasing the chances of anything here influencing anything going on over there. Thus, if you really want to maximize your chances of being heard, you need to discuss this on Discord as well.

Alas, I find Discord nigh on unusable because every single time I’ve gone on there I have to go through the confirm that I am me security rigmarole (email and confirm etc.). So I tend not to use it.


Just one final clarification here: while two of the names listed in the patch notes have worked for Beamdog in the past, they had left the company before the patch project has started. None of the developers are Beamdog employees. Just community members with special access. That said, Beamdog certainly does deserve the praise for their support in making this happen, they’ve been great! However, they don’t deserve your feature requests, bugs or anything else because they had nothing to do with the technical side of it.

And on that note, I’ll be unsubscribing from the thread. If you need us, you know where to find us. Cheers!

PS: @Shadooow thanks for the mods. We found a bug (though maybe not the bug).

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I can give these examples using my crap:


I haven’t downloaded the patch yet and my knowledge of how the cartoon effect works is non-existent but is the fact that the heads are missing something to do with the effect in the patch or just the models you have used? Whatever the scenes look great.

Really appreciate the time and effort of the people developing EE - many many thanks.

I have only noticed one issue, which I have reported on GitHub. You have to position the mouse very carefully to display Map Pin text.

Also, does anyone know whether the transition problem has been corrected? Currently using EE Door & Transition Fixes (Scan module for transition issues and fix them) to deal with the problem.

Can someone explain this more please -

Added a few more material rendering modes that can be set in MTR files:
transparency 1: Always render after opaque models, guarantees transparency.
twosided 1: renders both back- and front-facing vertices.
sample_framebuffer 1/2: renders near the end of the frame. Allows rendering refractions and similar.
volumetric 1: renders back-facing vertices to depth and renders with updated depth buffer sample texture before rendering front-facing.

Especially the transparency 1. Not having had any problems with transparency on either the models I’ve created or those I’ve imported to NwN, I don’t see the need for this setting.


This is my understanding of this stuff…

transparency 1 = some folks were complaining about issues with it because of rendering order. This locks the order so transparent meshes render last.

twosided 1 = you know how thing like spider webs have two planes separated by 1mm. Now you can just use the same verts with faces on both sides. Probably related to normals as well.

sample_framebuffer 1/2 = clueless

volumetric 1 = sound like it renders the back-facing stuff first (what’s facing away from the PC) and applies the texture before moving to the front. Probably related to normals.

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I’ve noticed the same. Reported it on discord.

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Most transition issues should be fixed but please test! There’s still some legacy behaviour that might be broken but that is super rare (requiring two objects with the same tag, of very specific types).

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OK, found an odd thing. Glitch it is not (a glitch tends to only occur once or randomly, not every time) but is it new intended behaviour or a bug?

Found this when I went to check if there were any path-finding issues in my module. There were none apparent but I did find a (trivial) minor, non game breaking bug of probably my own making. I also stumbled upon the following.

Preamble. In my module “Hrothgar’s Resting Place” I have an empathic intelligent sword. As part of its magic, it can cast knock up to three times a day. In NwN knock apparently works different to PnP D&D. In PnP D&D (at least up to version 2) you target a locked item with the spell and depending on any saves the lock may have the lock should be unlocked. In NwN you target the PC instead (at least with the sword anyway) and any lock within a certain distance that doesn’t require a specific key, should be unlocked.

Old behaviour. You would enable knock from the sword, position the mouse pointer over the PC and left click whereupon the above behaviour would occur.

Current behaviour. Again you would enable knock from the sword and position the mouse pointer over the PC. At this point the screen turns green. By this I mean that it is like you put a green filter over the camera lens. It’s like monochrome but in green. Green things become darker green things. Move the mouse pointer away from the PC and normal vision is restored. Apart from that, knock appears to work as previously described.

Any idea what’s going on?


Might be the new spell targeting shader doing … something


Are you scrolled way in? Might be you’re looking ‘through’ the targetting.

I play as far away as the built-in limit of the camera will allow. I’m paranoid enough to want to see enemies coming :slightly_smiling_face:. Which is why a lot of the graphical improvements are lost on me as a player.


This is the aoe targeting, Knock has 50 meter range of locks checked and is set to target self and items for scroll enchanting so the targeting cursor will come up instead of just firing. So when you target yourself it look like the whole screen goes green because such a big aoe effect. We are looking at issues relating AOE graphic sizing vs scripting sizing and other issues, we may remove AOE targeting for knock and if we do not you can do it yourself by changing the TargetShape, TargetSizeX, TargetFlags columns to **** in the spell.2da