EE Development Release 87.8193.35-36

So I was testing some of the new functionalities and would like to suggest a possible improvements to them.

Text bubble visibility - I don’t see a way how to force the object’s text bubble to be visible without pressing TAB or moving mouse onto the object. Additionally I think that bringing the functionality that I have provided under 1.69 with nwncx_patch to completely disable highlighing object to specific player would be of use. That functionality was aimed for SP module builders, but it is true that they could just loop all objects in module and hide them with current function. Still there might be merit to do that per player instead - say disable it when under effect of blindness or whatever.

Custom Damage types - personally I can do this in nwnx, but perhaps this would be of an interest to have it enabled in base game. I want to make a custom damage type which would be however sharing resistances/immunities with other damage type. Specifically I would like for mindflayer abilities to print the damage as being “Psionic”, but without losing the interaction with physical DR → changing it to new type prevents physical DRs and immunities to reduce it which will make it probably too powerful. (And while I can of course rebalance the damages, I liked the fact that the spellcasters can cast premonition and that monk reduces it by 20 due to Perfect Self and would like to keep it that way).

The new targetting overlay doesn’t seem to show for AoE spells with targetting centered on caster such as Storm of Vengeance, unless the player opens inventory prior selecting the spell, which forces targetting cursor to appear, and then choosing self with the cursor. That makes it kinda pointless.

Another minor thing I noticed, which is nothing new, is that the floating damage numbers over head are centered at the original position of creature, which is not looking very good if the creature position is changed with visualtransform. I didn’t notice this with scaled creatures before.

It an option, UI / Feedback options / Confirm self cast spells (you see the other options there also).

ah okay then this is not a problem

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Can someone ask for GUIEVENT_INVENTORY_ITEM_CLICK gui event?

Unless I am mistaken, we can’t really drag items into our custom GUIs, can we? This would allow it.

Sure can. Meanwhile entertargetmode(), or any other selection widget will accomplish.

Another suggestion: allow static models (ie. not part-based) to show cloaks.

In my understanding, the reason it cannot be done is that the client doesn’t know what model to use. If the engine knew it should use pma0_cloak* for kobold then if the kobold model has appropriate nodes it should work. Especially since we can correct cloak scaling via SetObjectVisualTransform now.

So basically, this should be doable by new column in appearance.2da such as CloakModel where we would specify that the troll would use halforc models O and kobold halfling cloak models A.

And another suggestion related to above: allow wings to be shown on player/npc with cloak if that cloak doesn’t show due to reasons. For example mounted player models have no cloak dummy nodes therefore cloak is not displayed. But wearing cloak still prevents wings to be shown which is kinda silly.

Any chance to allow create new ammunition models?

I tried sent projectile model 6 and 7 to client and it shown something, but not the custom arrow model that I added into ammunitiontypes.2da

All we need is for client to accept higher numbers of projectile type and then lookup in this 2da for row [projectile-type*6+projectile-base-item-number].

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Saw there was a fresh update to this on the BD launcher so clicked update. Problem - It only downloads a small portion then (eventually) hangs at 195.74 MBytes.


Beamdog folks are looking into it … either way, needs some patience. Will work eventually.

Now fixed and downloaded. Thanks.


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Glad to hear, thanks for letting me know. The feature diff to the previous dev patch can be viewed here or ingame in the News UI.

This is a release candidate for stable, obviously. We’re hoping to see it live soon.


If after this is released as a stable release, there is one little thing that I would like to see added. Would it be possible to expose the area resting allowed flag to direct scripting? I have read that it is possible to turn it on and off via scripting already but AFAIK it takes quite a bit of scripting to achieve this. Better by far to be able to enable/disable resting via a simple, built-in SetResting(object oArea) function. It always seemed silly that you can clear an area of all dangerous beasts, set up wards and traps, etc. yet still not be able to rest in an area due to this one flag being set at build time.

Thanks for reading.



This release (35) is feature-frozen and has been a while. We’re just waiting to see if there are any regressions reported before releasing it on stable.

Any feature work will have to go into the next release! As to your actual feature request, I haven’t looked at what would be needed for it. But having it noted here is good. Sounds like a very minor addition at first glance.


If wanted to request a bugfix, should I do it here or is there another place where I could post it?

Also not sure if this is a good place to report bugs but:

There seems to be some weirdness going on with the preview window in the toolset when changing plt colors on an object (clothing, part based creature, some helmets, possibly other instances). It is really inconsistent, but in many cases, selecting a color will switch display of some (not all) of the parts in the window. In other cases selecting a color will lead to displaying a metallic texture (as if there was a bug with the texture) for some parts instead.

This occurs only in the preview window → leaving the current window will show the parts in question correctly again.

Not sure if I’m doing a great job of explaining this.
To reproduce one example:
→ place any creature down in an area
→ edit the creature
→ select a part based appearance (Human for example)
→ equip the creature with studded leather armor
then either:
→ right click on the equipped armor and switch color of leather 1
→ go back and change the creatures skin color in the appearance tab

Possibly only a problem on my side? I’m using a GTX 1060 with driver version 527.56.

I guess this is a good place, otherwise Discord Patch-35-bugs on:

On the vault entry today titled: NWN EE: 8193.35 Full 2DA source

I can’t comment there it is locked for comments now? I hope someone here can help me.

It says only 9 2das were changed on this update, but the vault description mentions 5. I downloaded both entries. Why upload all of the 2das when only 9 were changed?

I want to make sure I adjust only the 9 that were changed.

Could someone be kind enough to list the 9 here and reply to me. Also, thanks you guys for doing this for the community. I think so many know this stuff already through Discord communication, but for those of us who do not go there…would be nice to know specifically which ones were changed.

Also, I use GOG…not sure if they have the update patch there. Anyone know?

There the same as the dev. version I put on the vault because nothing changed as I mentioned in the comments. There are nine though. Here each and at least one thing I know what changed (maybe more changes). (9 Total)
classes.2da (short column added for support of multi-class up to 8)
damagehitvisual.2da - damagetypegroups.2da - damagetypes.2da - iprp_damagetype.2da (support for un-locking custom damage types)
racialtypes.2da - favored enemy for custom races.
ruleset.2da (for multi-class up to 8, for haste changes)
skills.2da (for hiding skills)
spells.2da (for the setting related to AOE targeting)


Thanks ShadowM…

I didn’t even know about the dev.version. I just wait until a new update comes out.

I just updated the 2das you mentioned. I tried to multi-class up to 8 classes. I could not do that…why? Does one have to script the module to do this? If so how? Is there a place with a document to help understand the changes and what one can do to benefit from these new changes…i.e…8 multi-classes…teach one how to do that. I read the update notes too on how one can play a “toon” like character…how?