EE emitter issues?

Are we aware of issues with emitters in EE?

Searched Github, didn’t find anything.

I’m looking at the Still placeable in Project Q.

In 1.69, activation produces a stream of particles, which ceases on deactivation.

In EE, activation works, but, if the player moves, the particles look like a Google logo (quartered Red Blue Green Yellow - hard to screenshot, but you get the idea). The stream continues on deactivation. Not sure why.

P.S. for my purposes, I’ve made the particles smaller, which makes the colour glitch barely noticeable, but I would like to turn the thing off.

OldTimeRadio has a few long conversations on the discord about generally, there’s some things that aren’t in the docs and can’t be made following the spec. Differences between 1.69 and ee, dunno.

Unrelated report that might be but probably isn’t related, CEP placeable in pic crashes. All the info we have on it currently.

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That sounds like a vfx issue that was introduced when they did something to (I think) progfx.2da. All I know is that there are a number of issues that you can see if you play the demo module that comes with

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That looks like Crystal: Floating, Blue* … crashes when static … probably the static flag ought to be disabled in the 2da … I’ll check it out.

EDIT - static flag will be disabled in the next CEP 2 release. This is an EE bug, as it works in 1.69. Very likely an emitter issue, as there’s no skinmesh.