EE Mod Compatibility

I’m not sure whether Beamdog have fixed all the doors issues, but they have fixed some.

1.79 - fixed some doors becoming unclickable after having been destroyed, despite having a scripted transition present.

1.76 - door boxes now again don’t have a highlight when mousing over them.

1.75 - doors can now once again initiate conversations with players.

1.75 - the game engine does not assign (nw_g0_conversat) to doors … with no script set anymore

1.74 - doors will no longer run default.nss for scripting events if no script has been declared.

1.74 - Auto-created area transition script when editing a transition door or trigger’s OnClick event was not the same as nw_g0_transition. It is now.

@Cirosan, I’m afraid not. You would have to ask @Shadooow if this will ever be made available.

I’ll do that. Thanks for your help.