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I’ve just posted on the Beamdog forums (link here) about the need to deal with the compressed timeframe just announced for the launch of NWN:EE. I doubt I’m alone in having wanted to support the game’s official launch with an update and coordinated release of my work on Steam, but I thought we would have a lot more time for that. Given that NWN:EE is coming out of beta in barely two weeks, those of us who want to do this now have an incentive to start working hard toward actually getting the requisite content onto the platform. I thought starting a thread to discuss, track and coordinate that activity would be a good idea.

I’ve been busy with other things recently, but I have seen some discussion threads about trying to come to a community consensus about how to go about doing this. I’ll try to follow up on those shortly. In the meantime has anyone actually committed to or started working toward a Steam release of some of the larger CC packages on the Vault such as CEP, Project Q, the CTP, the CSP, and CMP? If not, then can we begin such a discussion?

CEP is up on Steam.

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It probably doesn’t matter much to most as it has a very narrow audience but I’ve no immediate plans to post D20 modern packs on Steam. Given that it’s mainly an assembly of third party work I’m a little nervous about taking that step without permission and that’s something difficult to obtain for such a lot of collaborative work.

Honestly don’t know where to go with it, I’m really uncertain that we should be using Steam as a platform, and given that I’m as yet unsure if the hak content will function with EE I’m going to need to purchase it and make a decision down the line.

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I’m starting to look at following up on this, and the prospects are daunting. Here’s a preliminary list of what I would need to either have available on the Steam Workshop, or to get permission to embed in my module specific hak set, before I could even consider putting Sanctum on Steam. The ones that are currently available there are in bold italics.

  • CEP (Community Expansion Pack)

  • CTP (Community Tileset Pack):

    • CTP Common
    • CTP Loadscreens
    • CTP Cave Ruins
    • CTP Elf Interior
  • CTP Generic Doors

  • CSP (Community Skybox Pack)


  • Wild Woods and Wildlands (Sixesthrice)

  • 3rd Party Haks (currently bundled for Sanctum Download):

    • Starship Interiors and Placeables (Stacy19201325)
    • Futuristic City Interior and Crawling Animations (Goudea)
    • Full Forest Add-On (Kurt Wettian)
    • ForestWater (Yumi-Chan)
    • Mountain Tileset (Adam Miller)
    • JXP Mountains (JDPuffnStuff)
    • Space Tileset (NinjaWeaselMan)
    • Project Q v1.5 Haks (Project Q Team)
    • Head Pack by TheBarbarian

And that’s leaving out the many items of content that I’ve integrated directly, such as dozens of musical tracks, several portraits, Hardpoints’ Ridable Pegasus, Gestalt’s Cutscene System, the MBHK, head Packs by Estelindis and Salt, etc.

Exactly one of these (CEP) is on Steam now. Likely a handful more will be straightforward to get posted, or to get permission to post with Sanctum. As for the rest… we’ll have to see.

This post is my first attempt at trying to organize the list of CC permissions I’ll need to get before I can post Sanctum. Am I the only one facing such a daunting list?

Has there been discussion about, or is there any possibility that we can arrive at, a community consensus that since Steam is now an official release venue by the game’s publisher for NWN mods, that it is effectively an extension of the Vault for purposes of default permission to post content – unless the author includes specific use conditions to the contrary? I know Sanctum is CC heavy, but this kind of thing will be faced by a lot of other mods looking to post to Steam. To say that it will be a significant impediment to the growth of EE probably goes without saying.

In the meantime, I’m going to get started on trying to contact the (many) people on this list. If you’re one of them and want to save me some effort by responding (here or by PM), please feel free. :slight_smile:

Thanks – Andarian

I don’t think I’m going to be migrating my heads pack to Steam. A lot of the heads in there still have shadow issues and open edges, and they don’t fit the style of the new official content well. I’d rather start up a new pack just for the EE.

Anybody’s welcome to integrate any heads they like into their module haks as they please, though. Go nuts. :+1:


Thanks, TB. And to clarify: this is more or less what I had in mind with my question. Even if were considered OK, I wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of posting someone else’s project to Steam. I had in mind either collecting content into a module specific hak, or including the relevant hak files in a module specific download collection (as I did on the Vault with many of Sanctum’s required haks).

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This discussion is where we got to so far… maybe helpful to continue there?