EE user file location

Does anyone know where NWN:EE stores the path to nwn.ini on Windows?

It doesn’t seem to be in the registry.

By default, of course, it’s in Documents\NeverwinterNights, but I’m trying to help a Steam player who doesn’t have that folder and has no idea where their saves etc are.

what version of windows? is it possible the user is seeing My Documents instead of Documents and reporting that the latter isn’t on his machine?

Is the user starting the game from a shortcut with a -userDirectory command-line option? that would override any of the defaults.

worse comes to worst, the registry should have entries for the game install location.

My steam saves are in Documents\Neverwinter Nights\saves.

I don’t think that NWN:EE stores a path to nwn.ini. If you don’t start NWN EE with a -userDirectory parameter it will always use Documents\Neverwinter Nights\nwn.ini.

The user reports that Documents exists but doesn’t contain the Neverwinter Nights folder.

We know the game location, but not the user documents location.

Did the user do a search for the nwn.ini in the both windows explorer and in the registry explorer?

Have they looked in Program Files\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common.… ?


I’ll suggest that. Works for me. Nothing in the registry.

That worked.

Turns out that the player folders were on OnDrive.

Aye, Beware the evils of OneDrive. It is a pernicious thing if allowed to go unchecked.