I have a case where I want a friendly NPC to stop fighting and not be attacked.

I prefer not to use SurrenderToEnemies() in this particular case, because they may need to resume hostilities, which might mean tracking a lot of personal reputations.

I find that EffectSanctuary() with DC 127 does exactly what I need.

Minor issues:

  • Bizarrely, enemies just stand there, instead of finding a new target (something I can fix, of course)

  • The log window reports the PC’s Will saving throw, even if the effect creator is the PC or the module (a minor glitch I can live with).

Any insights?

Use EffectEtherealness for issue 2, it’s like sanctuary, but without the saving throw. Greater Sanctuary uses it if I recall correctly.

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Thanks - works fine.

Enemies still just stand there, though.

The solution seems to be to apply EffectEtherealness in an AI event such as EventDamaged.

Like @Clangeddin says, that needs no saving throw.

I was testing it by running a standalone script outside of the AI, but when I add it to OnDamaged, the enemies only pause briefly before finding another opponent.

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