Elven City (based on Elven Treetop)


Using the wonderful work done by Estelindis with Elven Treetop as a base, I decided to create a tileset with an elven city on the ground. I worked on this for several days and I published some screeshot in another post.

It is a work of ritexturing and modeling.
I inserted marble / mosaic floors instead of wooden platforms, closed the vacuum parts with grassy ground, modified the steps on the void, creating pedestals mounted on the gardens, modified different seams and created a wall system.


Work continues, 13 tiles are missing and I have edited all the basic tiles.

I must also create a dozen new tiles with this shape that contain the city floor.

The raising / lowering jobs are taking longer than expected, the next step will probably be to create all the shadow shapes to be applied to the building tiles.

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Good work Quevy… It is great that someone help pushing this wonderful Estelindis (i hope we will see her return some day to Nwnvault) creation forward.

Is the checkered floor a final design or just a placeholder? I think it would look much better if you could replace it with some wood flooring matching the house texture.

edit: My poor gnome mind can’t stop seeing alpha channel parts in those grey checkered tiles :wink:.


Conceptually it is very easy to put back the wooden floor. You replace the texture with the original one inside the Hakpak and you’re done. In practice I have modified all the Walkmesh in order to have the answer of the stone, so you will not hear the creaks typical of wood.

Darn clever those Elves. Really nice work quevy. Really this just outstanding.

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I have excellent news, at least for me, I finished making the conversion of all the tiles that were present in the original tileset, now the height changes are fully functional and even the edges are ok.
There are 9 tiles left that I have to create because Estelindis had not yet inserted the tiles:
There are already those only with the turf but not those with the marble top, so I will have to do all the combinations.
I hope to release a new version by the end of the week.

New version in Download

Made by TheBarbarian

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Your doing these with the Aurora tool set that is incredible. Just beautifully done can’t wait to see them being used by someone in game.:star_struck::four_leaf_clover:


Version 0.9 in download


Pretty forest pictures for everybody’s entertainment:

And, this tileset has potential for a bathhouse interior, too:


The majority of the models are not mine but others, everything is based on the seasonal forest of Lord of Worm’s, The city waterways are a modification of those of the basic game, I have limited myself to adapt things so that they were compatible with the tileset.

Thanks for the wonderful screenshots.


You are doing amazing work with this! I’m absolutely thrilled to see how beautifully you are building on my work (and others’).

Seeing your post has encouraged me to pick up NWN CC again. Last time I petered out, was struggling and getting nowhere with an eight-sided temple group (inspired by my parish church). I was making the upper windows far too hard for myself by trying to shape wooden trim all around the glass, but today I said feck it and decided to stop messing around and do the windows solely with textures. After this group is done, there’s so much else I wanted to complete.

Thank you Quevy!


Thanks to you for all your wonderful work, without this the rest would not exist.

I hope to see soon the new things that you have prepared and prepare, I am a big fan of yours and if my work has served to make you want to come back I’m happy.

P.s: the eight-side temple is fantastic.


These two tilesets look like they could pair really well in neighboring areas. I was planning on making something with the treetop set, but it’ll look really nice to have a zone for the forest floor with a similar aesthetic!


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