Elven City (based on Elven Treetop)


With Quevy’s encouragement, I have updated my original tileset: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/tileset/elven-treetop-city-tileset It now has full minimaps (I checked every one, hopefully no more bugs). Also all door nodes should be working. Not too much added otherwise except for the 3x3 temple and three little house features.

We have decided to collaborate so we can make improvements on both our sets together. Quevy has already given lots of helpful advice. Thanks to everyone for their support.


Welcome back to the world of NWN CC. :slight_smile:

Now, I just have to dig through your new set file to find out which tiles are new so I can go in and modify them. I’ve just started building with your treetop city tileset after changing some stuff with every tile. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


Thanks! I’m impressed and humbled by all you’ve achieved in this time. :star_struck:

Apart from door node stuff, set file changes are tile 260 and tiles 345-356. First one is a fix as I had put a reference in the set file to a tile I ended up taking out of the hak, my first (fruitless) waterfall test. :expressionless: I made a replacement tile with a little waterfall rivulet. The remaining tiles are the 3x3 temple group and three single-tile houses.

Re the stuff you changed, is it personal preference tweaks or are there bugs you fixed that I should fix? I mean, there are lots of bugs I should fix, no doubt, but are they the same ones you might’ve honed in on, you know?

Edit: Oh, I forgot, just in terms of fixes to tiles already in the set, I made some changes to thf02_l11_01-13_01 (tiles 261-263, waterfalls) to get my emitters working again and added some mist at the bases as it looked nice in Quevy’s versions. And I fixed a bug in thf02_j01_01 (tile 232, gazebo crosser corner) where the bases were displaced. If I remember anything else, I’ll edit further.




Didn’t fix any bugs. Probably added a few. :stuck_out_tongue:

I replaced all of the foliage for every tile, and then set the black texture below to pretty much match the foliage because I ended up with very noticeable gaps when raising elevation (seen in the screenshot, which was taken before fixing that).

Of course, as I build now I realize I should have set more of it to tilefade, but I don’t normally like tilefade in-game so I didn’t think of it at the time.

Also used the stairs tile to build a matching placeable set of stairs for ground level.

Thanks for the info on changed/added tiles. That’ll make updating faster. :slight_smile:


Wow, it looks great! You’ve done some cool magic beam from the top of the tower? I also like what you’ve done with the trees (I don’t really like tilefade either, lol).

I consider sometimes whether I should change my foliage. I am oddly fond of the classic Bioware foliage texture, but frankly the geometry of the foliage in my set is waaaaaay too low-poly. Working on a few new trees for my set at the moment, it really makes me wonder what approach I should take. I do appreciate very much the approach taken by yourself (and Lord Rosenkrantz, Sixesthrice, and anyone else I might be forgetting who uses this style). I just wonder if there is some way to make my foliage nicer without abandoning this texture that I like, or if one really has to go all-in and make a total change.










I wanted to reassure everyone that I did not stop working on this, I had to shift my attentions on the reopening of our pw, I have a lot of new maternal prone, but I will wait to release everything at once.


Those elf buildings look amazing!


Merit of Estelindis!


I just want to say:



New version in download

0.9.1 Bug fixes, platforms, waterfalls, cities on the water, flowerbeds, new estelindis tiles converted.


Dropping off some more scenic shots, taken while bughunting:




Love the waterfall, absolutely stunning.