Elven City (based on Elven Treetop)


the merit is always of estelindis, I have only converted and modified slightly.



I’m slowly building a PW that uses a modified Project Q (I merged a Hak with CC Dinosaurs into it) https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/qcreatures-hak-merged-dinosaurs-ccc-hak

I am at a point where there are quite a lot of overland areas, and was motivating myself to go back to building it by browsing these forums and came across this. My last build point was filling out land regions in between two major cities of the PW and off to the east of these connecting regions I had planned a land of the High Elves next to a enchanted forest/wildwoods sort of otherworld zone, where the faerie realm merged with the world itself. My PW can be found here: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/module/gameworld/time-atlantis

I was wondering if the two of you would mind if I merged the treetop and elven city hak into the Q hak? Im not really sure how much different it would be from my creature hak merge before, since that was my first hak merge ever - but Im generally good at figuring things out with minor advice in regards to NWN. I’ll probably wait for the elven city to be done before attempting the merge, so I dont need an immediate reply.

Thanks in advance for any consideration.
-Dreadlord Anwyn


Every change is well accepted on my part but you should ask Estelindis. Joining a tilesets is slightly more difficult than making a merging Hak. Many new things need to be learned, especially if you want to combine 2 tilesets with different textures and heights. If you want to get involved in it I’m sure you will find help in the community as I have. I’m happy about that, every new content for the community is a treasure


Ok thanks! It was fun to learn how to integrate CCC Dinosaurs! into Project Q. Anyway, I’ll be waiting til you finish your project before I tackle it. I’ll send a message to Estelindis.


I think @Dreadlord_Anwyn might be talking about hak merging, not combining tilesets into a “superset” in this case. If you just want to use this tileset with Project Q, there is rarely a need for “merging” as such. For most tilesets, you can just directly associate their haks to your module without any alterations.

Just take a look at what they include, eg by reading author notes and/or cracking open the hak and looking at the filetypes. Are there 2das, like new doors or maybe it includes matching placeables? You’ll need to do a little 2da editing, in that case. If there’s just a .set and .itp file along with the various tileset models/textures, you should be good*. Try it out.

If you’re not changing anything about the contents, I’d just leave the tileset haks as-is rather than rebundling them, so people who have already downloaded them don’t need to do so again under a different name :smile:

And, well, if you were talking about tileset merging, that is indeed a whole 'nother deal than 2da edits and sorry to derail you, ha.

(Sorry for rambling in your showcase thread! backs out slowly with double-thumbs-up in all directions)


Tileset on the beach


Yeah. thats basically what I intended. Its what I had to do with CCC Dinosaurs, in the overall 2da to integrate things. I’ll have to jog my memory a bit since it was a few months ago and the first time I did such a project. Its good to know that I may not have to do any alteration as less work in this means more work can be done sooner in other things. I must expand to the north and to the east! Thanks mucho for the information!


Deep water for the swimming phenotype https://neverwintervault.org/node/28399


Hi again

Ive been working on my Atlantis mod again, creating areas to join up origin points/starting areas and I figured Id check back here to see if it was done. As I mentioned before, I was excited to find the elven treetop city and the elven city tilesets as I have multiple elven lands - the Poscadar from the Anchorome setting, and the elves of the Shadowwood at the least for now. I might add in an epic Avalon later being something along the lines of Evermeet or whatnot.

I see there is now an elven city expansion. So, I guess I can now add the two tilesets eventually to my modified project Q hak, (modified by the expansion).

Thirdmouse mentioned I probably will have to do little to no hak merging. I was wondering if the elven city + expansion are basically a tileset independent of Treetops? I assumed they were but if not, then it wouldnt be a good idea to add Treetops redundantly, I think.

Also, would the expansion basically sit on top of all the things that perch on top of Q? I probably should be able to get back into remembering how I did merging/checking haks when I added Q dinos but I figured it wouldnt hurt to ploink about to see if I can get scraps of information and/or tips/reminders.

Thanks in advance for any consideration,


Sure, but I think you should ask permission first of all to Estelindis.


Yeah I did, back in July :smile:

I was just asking if they were separate tilesets, Im guessing you are not a native english speaker.


yes and yes


Thank you, sir. erol



Ok, so I took a few to recall how to make haks work with each other, and it seems there is a conflict with elven city and Q in the doorsets around lines 921-922

921 StExt_MainPS thv_door02 tps01 nw_door_ttr_27 63537 1 1 ****
922 StExt_Trans
PS thv_door01 tps01 nw_door_ttr_27 63537 1 1 ****
and the q version:
921 StoneWallGate_02 tn_sdoor_16 RKM80 rkmtno_door_921 5349 1 1 0
922 StoneWallGate_03 tn_sdoor_17 RKM80 rkmtno_door_922 5349 1 1 7
So Im guessing that means incompatibility.

Elven Treetop is okay it seems though. Ill look up stuff later to see if I can do anything about the two discrepancies between project Q and elven city, Those were the only two I found.

Is it possible to just, copy one of the 921/922 sets and paste them down at the bottom of the new merge with new numbers added on to the thing? I forget if someone explained this to me already.


I answered this question on the tutorial page.


You can move the lines of the doorsets wherever you want, so that they are not interfering with the q, once you have done this you must edit the set file of my tileset and those of estelindis, modifying the reference to the ports using the new numbers that you have selected.


Cool, thank you both - very much!

I’ve already built with most doors from q but I can infer that as long as those are not moved, I don’t have to change anything I’ve implemented into the mod.


Ok, so Ive tried using find/replace in notepad to look for things such as “921” " StExt_Main PS and whatnot, and all Ive located that makes sense is this area:



Is this a reference to both lines (921, 922) and “nw_door_ttr_27”

If so, what do I need to do with that?


you only need to edit those that have type with those numbers.


Ah, so if I move line 921 and 922 in your 2da to the bottom of the 2da merge that I place on top of my hak order -

What do I change in the .set file? I cant see any reference to the 2da line number in the set anywhere so I dont know what needs to be changed

EDIT - wait, Im going to look for any door_27 thing in the other two sets