Elven City (based on Elven Treetop)


I had a moment to check my tileset, those ports are not in use in the file. You can move them quietly wherever you want in the second. I checked and the only port I used is 1100. You must then take the 1100 line and add it to the 2da of the q, no changes to be made to the file set.


Ok cool! I had just compared your door 27 to estelinde’s and I think theyre the same heh.

EDIT: heh, I noticed I had your doortypes and q’s doortypes confused last night. I stumbled through this anyway lol. So, we’ll see if this works, I changed these lines like you told me.

1100 StoneWallGate_02 tn_sdoor_16 RKM80 rkmtno_door_921 5349 1 1 0
1101 StoneWallGate_03 tn_sdoor_17 RKM80 rkmtno_door_922 5349 1 1 7


YAY!!! IT WORKED!! I added both tilesets! THANKS!


I want to see some screens :slight_smile:


Okay, I will soon. I am taking a break from the toolset after the hak merging. Im kinda a person who works in spurts. I do that with my other projects as well. Im off to the 'rents for Xmas to-morrow but will be back Mondayish so I’ll probably send you some then.

So far, I only added a treetop area because I havent expanded into the deep elven lands yet. But here is “Silvanus Village” which can be found on top of the Shrine of Silvanus area in the Shadowwood between Aquitane and Lyonshelm. This is near one of the starter areas for nature-oriented generally good aligned characters who are human, elf, or half elf. Maybe halfling too, I cant recall right now. They might be more around Dunvale to the north of these areas.


Ive got some weird bug going on, I dont know if its due to the new nwsync feature or because I messed up something hak-wise. Ive seen other people blame nwhak and nw explorer for it so I uninstalled and remade by exporting everything, reloading the haks in the freshly reinstalled toolset, then importing all the module’s material.

I can log in as a player or GM if I do not use NW server. If I put up NWserver, it tells me I am missing needed HAKs, but obviously they are there, in the documents/neverwinter nights/hak folder and the projectQ tlk is in its equivalent tlk folder.

This happens if I am either subscribed or not subscribed to my module on the steam workshop. So Im puzzled, but it seems to be a nwsync thing? And I cant find instructions on how to manage that.

I am planning to get a cheap new laptop tomorrow so I can use it as a server, Maybe its because Im running it on the same device? Running nwserver on the same device didnt give me issues before nwsync. But maybe it does now?