Elven Treetop City

I have updated my project page: https://neverwintervault.org/project/nwn1/hakpak/tileset/elven-treetop-city-tileset Here is a little look at some additions. :slight_smile:

As well as this more interesting stuff I’ve made a lot of additions to the main substance of the tileset (terrains and crossers). There’s one new crosser, a narrow house based on the gazebo crosser. I’m also working on making terrains and crossers combine better; a lot of the new tiles contribute towards this.

Just thought I’d let folks know what’s going on. I like the work Quevy is doing, which encourages me to try more things with the tileset. :wink:


Thanks for these amazing things, if the merit of my work was to get you back to making these wonderful tiles, I’m more than happy.


The fountain looks very nice, but it would make sense to replace at least those parts of it that are in direct contact with water by some kind of stone instead of wood.


Zwerkules, I had the same thought. I just wasn’t sure which stone texture to use, so I made it in wood for initially.

I am trying a variant of the gazebo crosser with a carved tree “screen” but it’s fairly high-poly for NWN (each carved tree is ~1.1k faces double-sided, ~570 single-sided, so just the number I put into each tile in the bottom pic is 4.5k faces). I haven’t done too much high-poly tile work because I try to respect the overall look of the game, so I’m not sure how much of a load this exerts? I can only see the engine takes a little longer than usual the first time it paints the tile.


Very nice indeed, especially the tree-like trellis(?).

As far as a rock lining of the fountain, marble has a lower density than granite or basalt, so a marble shell would be easier to support with a wooden structure.


I disagree. I love the look of the wood and a little “elfish magic” would ensure that such features remain rot free for many centuries.


Wellllll I was thinking when I find or make the right stone texture for it I’d leave the original wooden one in, just in case anyone likes it that way, and add a stone one as Fountain 2 or something. Nice to know that would be useful to at least one person! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t even take elfish magic, just really good wood wax, reapplied periodically. (I’m an enthusiastic gardener).

Also, these are so, so beautiful. I wish I wasn’t stuck making a city-centered module for the last seven years now.


Great idea. For the all-wood one, it might be nice if the wood next to the water looked slightly different, but all-wood is nice to have available.

Also, imho, keep the tree “screens” on the gazebo. Today’s computers should be able to handle it, and they look great. I think they would only risk feeling out of place if you were adding them to an old tileset.


Thanks, in the end I did. I’ve made a bunch of variations of each gazebo tile with more or fewer tree screens. I also used the screens to make this quick wall/fence-type crosser: elven_fence

The screens were a real pain to get right (sooooo many smoothing groups), so I guess I’ll put them to use however I can. :wink:

Edit: Uploaded my updates to the NWVault project page and the Steam workshop.


Those just look beautiful. It looks like you got the “trunk” of the trees to be the same size at the base as the plain bases of the fence, if that makes sense? Either way, just looks really good.

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A long time ago, I promised a secret cave behind a waterfall. However, I wasn’t sure what approach to take. Finally I decided to make a rocky path crosser that can be applied over the treetops and around the edges of the mountains, so people can make custom paths to custom waterfalls. It is taking a lot of tiles and is a bit tedious (many of the tiles I’ve made I don’t expect people to use, but they have to exist to enable other tiles to be painted). Bit by bit it’s getting done. I feel like it’s worthwhile to give people more flexibility.


I was wondering, do the kids get a tree house in the elven treetop city? :slightly_smiling_face:

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What kind of treehouse? :slight_smile:

For now I am still slogging away on-and-off on the tiles related to the waterfall / caves / rocky path across chasm / cliffside walk.

Oh, like a kids treehouse but one built for elven children. Maybe the size of a shed and attached to branches above the “ground level”. Does that make sense? I was just curious.


It’s a good idea. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Nice to see this being worked on once again

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Actually, these days I’m looking at the city version on the ground, but I can’t find the time to go on with it, too many things to do and too little free time.

Tree top city is still probably my favourite tileset of all time :clap:t2:

To be honest, I haven’t had time to work on this for years. I left the behind-waterfalls cave system unfinished. I don’t expect I’ll be able to get back to it any time in the next few months. But it is nice to think about having more time to return to this at some stage in the future. I certainly have no shortage of ideas. But I think we all know that actually translating the ideas to content takes a lot longer. :wink: