Emitter in-game size/scale

So I have read some guides on making emitters, but I do not have a clear understanding on in-game emitter size\scale. How do you set the in game size of the emitter? can you use a higher resolution texture with a default models emitter and scale it to the same size of the old one? I tried using a higher res candle bit image that I downloaded a couple of months ago when I first started making custom content. It was a 60 frame bit image that was made by a modder for another game. I just named the bit image the same as the old one from a old nwn model I was trying to smooth up in blender, the shrine of umberlee and it rendered, but it was too big and I never could figure it out.

Changing the size of the texture will have no effect on emitters. You’ll need to change the following values:

  • sizestart (= particle x-size at birth)
  • sizeend (= particle x-size at death)
  • sizestart_y (= particle y-size at birth, optional will use x-size when omitted or zero)
  • sizeend_y (= particle y-size at death, optional will use x-size when omitted or zero)

Keep in mind that these values can be animated and you may need to change the keys in the animations as well.


Yes, the values be edited directly in the mdl.

Candles, fires, etc are all emitter based. The image is split into a grid of multiple frames/sprites with these parameters:

  • xgrid
  • ygrid

If your new image has more frames/sprites than the old one you’ll need to adjust the grid as well.

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