Encounters riding mounts

I want to make a area where all the encounters are mounted . I’m new at building but I have already made a huge successful area but now I want to try something new . Is it possible to have encounters riding mounts , This will mostly be a forest and plains area with lots of mounted encounters. Is that even possible , I am not sure even how to do that.

You certainly can! Have a look at Project Q. They have goblins mounted on spiders and worgs!

Then there are also Mounted Skeletons for CEP.

Doable, the npcs @pscythe mentions are however out of your reach unless you are moddeler, you can add and then use these exact appearances but only these, you cannot change the mount or rider, they are pre-set.

I believe that you want to use the 1.69 mount system.
Basically, create a new npc or copy of existing npc.Choose one of the mounted appearances for example Human mounted, Male (note for self: rename the apprearances in CPP to group them in the toolset appearance selection) and then swap into Apperanace tab and select specific Horse or Nightmare tail. Then swap back into Basic tab and change Phenotype to one of the mounted ones. Then save this npc and use it in encounter.

The mounted phenotype + tail method is by far the simplest, as long as you don’t mind that the riders have to be part-based races (human, dwarf etc). CEP is highly recommended because you get skeletons as a part-based race (the Mounted Skeleton pack is included now) and a wide variety of monsters as mounts.

It’s best to use the tails with the _mount suffix, as they are designed to look right (most monster “tails” are designed for creature scaling but look wrong when mounted).

CEP also includes the goblin worg riders and a few other appearances that have both rider and mount in one model.

For more on mounts see Lexicon (the information about “horses” is correct for any other mountable creature using the 1.69 system).

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Great …thanks for all the help , now I have to figure it all out and hopefully get this going , I am glad to have this forum or I would be lost.

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