Enhanced Darkness over Daggerford on Classic NWN?

Hi. I’m not planning to buy the Enhanced Edition of NWN (at least for now). I play single player modules and don’t meddle in online play and having done the balance I just don’t believe for me personally is worth the high price tag for the little improvements.

I would absolutly love to play the Enhanced Darkness over Daggerford and pay Ossian for their work by buying it. So I was wondering if anyone knows this: Is there any way if I purchased DoD to then port it to classic NWN? Or the way it’s built totally requires the Enhanced Edition of the base game?


I don’t know for 100% certain (I haven’t got around to finishing it yet) but I think it uses some of the newer graphics options. So while you might be able to get it to work in Diamond/1.69 you probably won’t see all that it has to offer.