Enhancing creature weapons

When I put a +1 enhancement on a companion’s bite, it looks OK in the toolset, but in game the attack bonus on the character sheet doesn’t increase.

Is this a bug in the character sheet, or are enhancements ineffective on creature weapons?

NWNWiki seems to imply that enhancement and attack bonuses are permissible?

(I’m aware of the special rule for creature weapons v damage reduction - that isn’t the issue here).

Should be easy enough to test by just entering combat with the creature in question. Based on my own testing where I did just that, as well as using the “dm_enablecombatdebugging” command to make sure, they do get their enhancement bonus to their attack roll. The combat debugging also seems to show that they get their damage bonus as well. Creature Weapons have always been awkward on the character sheet, so I’m not surprised they don’t appear properly.

Could you explain what this rule is? I decided to test the behavior of enhanced creature weapons versus damage reduction as part of my test, but it didn’t seem to deviate from normal weapon behavior as far as I could tell.

According to the wiki:

Ah right. Completely blanked on that one, apologies. That rule seems to work on top of the normal enhancement bonus vs damage reduction rules based on the tests I did, with the game choosing the highest value when determining when a creature can pierce damage reduction or not.

That said, I’m testing on the EE and I vaguely remember there being something wonky about creature weapon enhancement bonuses back in 1.69, but I don’t have 1.69 installed anymore and thus cannot test it.

Anyway, hope this helped.

Thanks for suggesting the test method.

I find that (using EE) a bite +1 does achieve +1 attack bonus and +1 damage, but only on alternate combat rounds (go figure!).

Also, bite +1 overcomes damage reduction +1 (soak 5), just like a +1 weapon, on every combat round.

The creature has no weapons except the bite.

This result is good enough for my purposes.