Epic Armsman question (RESOLVED)

Hello everyone,

I have a Armsman class in my game I modified.

On the cls_feat armsman 2da there is EPIC_Armsman.

Now when I had a level 6 fighter that met all the qualifications to become an armsman…I was only allowed to take armsman to level 10…it would not allow me to pick another armsman level until I got my fighter to level 10 then it granted me Epic Armsman feat.

Is there way to continue in Armsman always once you qualify for it? Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

Like I would like to build my build Level 6 fighter (when i qualified) and level 34 Armsman and still get EPIC Armsman feat in there at some point.

How does one do that?

Currently my cls_feat armsman 2da has him qualifying for EPIC armsman at level 10…do I change this number to another number?

I am NWN:EE - just to note

Seems like your armsman works like any other prestige class: you can take only 10 levels pre-epic. That is a setting in the classes.2da file: there’s column EpicLevel. Prestige classes usually have a 10 there. Change the value to -1 and you should be able to take more than 10 classes pre-epic.

Thanks I will test this out. :slight_smile:

Thanks Kamiryn. That did the job! I consider this “resolved”. :slight_smile:

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