Epic spellcasting system/module

I’m looking for a system/module that had custom epic spellcasting. Pretty sure there was something like that on vault or some server used it.

The idea was to add one feat as a parent for all epic spells. If a caster had this feat all of the epic spells, that the character met the requirements for were placed in the spellbook with spell level 0 (since radial menu is getting bugged with more than 7? elements added there).

Anyone remembers something like that and could share the source?
If not - is it possible to make something like that from scratch?



as for the crash bug, NWN:EE fixes it

I’ve seen it, that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. It adds feats with epic spells to creature’s hide. Plus it has more restrictions like using spell seeds, XP/GP to research the spell etc.

I might have to create it myself, but I’m not sure how to achieve it and if it’s possible with or without nwnx. Here is more detailed description:

  • player can choose Epic Spellcasting feat - it’s gonna be like a parent feat, that holds all the epic spells, with certain requirements (class/level/spellcraft/whatever)
  • each epic spell could have some other requirements (e.g. class specific, more spellcraft)
  • if a player meets the requirements, the epic spell is added to the spellbook (with spell level 0)
  • player can use any epic spell twice a day (it can be the same epic spell)
  • using those epic spells works like any other spell, without any XP/GP cost, researching, collecting seeds or whatever, innate level 10

Hmm yea, I don’t particullary like that PRC epic spell system either although it is within PnP rules. Mainly I don’t like most epic spells itself…

What you want is doable in vanilla without NWNX with one exception:

When making feats with subradials it is not possible to show the choices dynamically - all the feats in subradial are to be pre-determined. Therefore you cannot show the epic spells on subradial dynamically unless you are willing to create possibly endless versions of the feat one for each possible combination of epic spells and swap it from player.

Also without NWNX you won’t be able to avoid using PC Skin. To grant epic spell outside of the feat selection (which I suppose is the reason why you are not satisfied with vanilla system) requires to add feat. Without NWNX function AddFeat the only way around this is to use bonus feat itemproperty (and expand vanilla bonus itemproperty to contain epic spells - but since I know you use CPP you don’t have to do that it is already done) and this function is best used on PC Skin since other items can be unequipped. You can use function AddFeat in 70_inc_main. To remove/reset loop all itemproperties on skin and remove them (or remove just bonus feats if you use skin for something else).

Either way, unless you want to add new epic spells you don’t have to deal with that and you can use the epic spell radial just as normal. IIRC the epic radial is able to show one more custom epic spell before crashing. And IIRC the system I linked from PRC solves this by letting player to exchange that 7 spell selection somehow, which would be another way…

Unfortunately that crash is not fixed in nwncx_patch plugin. That would make things much easier…

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