Error on toolset startup

Hi all,

Recently I’ve gotten this error when starting up the toolset. Any ideas? image . . . and this (though this seems to be with a plugin). image

The first one seems to be a problematic blueprint. Usually corrupted. The toolset tries to load it but it can’t. A way to find these out, is to sort your blueprints in your module folder (if you have any), or in your campaign folder by date modified.

Then check the latest ones, and delete ones which have a file size 0kb. (Travus told me of this method).

Blueprints are UTI, UTC, UTP etc files. In my experience it is usually a UTC (creature) for whatever reason.

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Thanks for the reply andysks . . . but it’s happening on startup, not when I am opening a module but opening up the toolset. Maybe there’s a corrupted blueprint in the override . . . I’ll check that.

@Sawdust37 Andy has the first one covered i think

the second one seems to deal with your toolset preferences files borked …

if it persists, I’d backup/rename this folder (whatever it is on your system)

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\NWN2 Toolset

eg. append an underscore_

and the Toolset would likely recreate all those XML files,

(am guessing that the “plugin” is merely a stock plugin that the toolset uses to load prefs)

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Thanks guys.

I went through the plugins and deleted out the Legends plugins and that eliminated the second. Then I took EVERYTHING out of the override and it fired up ok. Now I need to go back piece by piece and see what was the issue. Anyways, it seems to work now so thanks all.